The backyard is part of the home too – new garage, new balcony and new outdoor hot tub

Although “remodeling” is in our name and we do it well, we do so much more than that. For example, all the work outside the main house and in the backyard. In the project outlined here we completely transformed our neighbors backyard and house with the following:


  • New balcony off the master bedroom – the previous balcony was part of the original home construction and became a bit unstable over the years. We helped the owners pick a design that fit the house and their personal esthetic and we built the new balcony.
  • New garage – We tore down the old garage and positioned the new one a bit further back in the driveway to allow a larger area where the kids can play basketball. The two car garage includes a pull down staircase with generous storage space. Motion sensor lights were also installed.
  • New decorative patio – It’s amazing how a few stones and choice plants can transform a backyard. Here, we lined the area between the house and the garage with natural stone and built in a decorative planter.
  • New outdoor hot tub – If you’ve got the space, why not? We installed an all-season outdoor hot tub with dedicated electrical for safe operation year round.


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